Why Dr Williams Ligom Deserves Benue State Governorship Seat In 2015

By G-4 Writers

As we approach into the election period, the struggle for power to exercise control over the affairs of men will gather momentum and only God knows what kind of leaders the people will get depending of course on the manner of election and other factors which may well be beyond human imagination and projections.

Nevertheless, on Benue State in particular, the issue of gubernatorial election is a clear choice for the people between picking a candidate in the right dimension or possibly going for a wrong one. Dr. Williams I. Ligom, (Yosev-u-Benue), a gubernatorial aspirant on the ticket of the APC appears to be a suitable blend among the cream of contenders for the coveted seat of the Benue governorship come 2015. He undoubtedly stands out as one with considerable acceptability across Benue State and beyond. Dr Ligom possesses the necessary credentials and social mien that is quite admirable and desirous, particularly at a time Benue State appears to be degenerating in every strata of governance.

Born on the 15th day of September, 1961, Kr. William Ligom started his early educational pursuit at the Demonstration School, Kagoro Kaduna State, in 1968; attended L.G.E.D School Ichol Nyiev in Kwande Local Government, Benue State and L.G.E.D School in Sankera from 1971-75 where he obtained his FSLC.

In a rare circumstance, the young Ligom gained admission into the Federal Government College Kaduna from 1975-1980 where he earned the WASCE in brilliant colours. Between 1980-1986 he was at the University of Jos, Plateau State, where he fervently read and obtained a Degree in Medicine (BMBCH).

Dr. Ligom, a man of robust medical experience started is practice in 1988 as a medical officer II at the Famous NKST Hospital Mkar. Few years later he volunteered to move over to the Leprosy and rehabilitation Hospital B.L.S and Rehab Hospital Mkar. At the NKST Rehabilitation Centre Mkar his conviction to render care and humanitarian Services was indeed uncommon. This was at a period when many saw leprosy as a highly contagious ailment and would practically discriminate against those infected. Most medical personnel were not even left out of this show of discrimination. But that would not deter Dr. Ligom who commitedly held on to his firm resolve to touch humanity. It was indeed not surprising that the name LIgom became a house hold name at this point of his medical Career.

Dr. Ligom rose through the ranks to become a Chief Medical Officer in 1995, where he voluntarily left the NKST services and later founded and established the Penuel Orthopaedic Hospital, Gboko. At Penuel, he was still resolute on his mandate of care, selflessness, humane and total liberation for humanity. Unlike most Private Sector Ventures whose motives are basically prompted on profit maximization and competition, Ligom as the Chief Executive of Penuel Orthopaedic Hospital is renowned to virtually offer humanitarian services to his hospital clients. A visit to the Hospital would definitely leave pundits with little or no doubt at the extent of attention and care given to the hospital patients no matter their financial status. Penuel is practically a place for the have-nots in a true sense of it. Little wonder indeed, a keen view around Dr Ligom’s not too heavily lavished office, yet a humble serene environment breaks volumes of the personality humane personality of Ligom. The keen watcher may satisfy his glimpse by observing the accolades and awards adorning the walls of the Chief Executive’s office. These awards among many include; Professional Excellence awarded by the Rotaract Club, Benue State University Makurdi (2005), community Development, by Rotaract Club, College of Education Oju (2006), the medals Touch Orthopaedic Surgeon, awarded by Who is Who Initiative International (2012), Selfless Service to humanity, awarded by point Blank Newspaper Limited (2008), Beacon of Private Orthopaedic Practice in Nigeria, by the front view Newspaper (2012), Promotion of Health and Community Outreach Newspapers (2013). Others are: Professional Achievement and Integrity, by Law Students of Nigeria Benpoly Chapter (2013). Merit in Humanitarian Services, by PDP Youth Gboko, Tarka and Buruku Youths (2012), amongst many others in similar range. Prominently, Dr. William Ligom recognized as the (Yosev- u- Benue) by the NKST church Uzege-Mbarumun.

He is also highly respected, very Intelligent and an upright person. His doors and arms are always open to all. His residence in Gboko is a centre of refuge for those who need one form of assistance or the other.

Dr. Williams I. Ligom (Yosev-u-Benue) has what it takes to make Benue State great. What we need right now is the support and encouragement of the people of Benue State for this great gentleman.

The emergence of this gentleman as the governor of Benue State in 2015 will surely transform the State economically and socially and as well restore the people’s hope and confidence in government on the areas of prudent management of resources and the Implementation of people-oriented programmes and policies like employment-generation, affordable food production, quality education, vibrant healthcare systems, affordable houses and good roads.

Dr. Williams I. Ligom’s brutal frankness is well known as he does not make empty promises or speak for speaking sake. Although neck-deep in the game of politics with all its Intrigues and deceit, Dr Ligom is able to maintain his integrity and principles of speaking honestly with no lies attached. They call him ‘Yosev-u-Benue’ which literally translated means’ The Joseph of Benue.

A vote for Dr. Ligom in 2015 election is surely going to be wise choice because we need a man of peace and honorable virtues. Someone who respects human dignity and give honour to whom it is due. Not only that, it is our sincere belief that Dr. Ligom possesses the administrative skills and competence to rule Benue State and attract national relevance .

This presentation is not intended to be a marketing strategy to sell Dr. Williams I. Ligom to the good people of Benue State, but the reality on ground indicates that while others-both pretenders and contenders- may be trying to build bridges of understanding and association among the people of the State, Dr. Williams I. Ligom (Yosev-u-Benue) stands out as the bridge itself, having cemented and networked a strong and purposeful relationship among the various ethnic groups in the State through his large heartedness.

Dr. Ligom believes in hardwork, team work, fairness and total dependence on God in all he does. Despite the high position he has attained in life, he remains a man of unbelievable sympathy, humility and civility. whoever come close to him is in for a shock from receiving huge doses of these rare qualities from a man of high social standing and generosity.

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