Traders Paralyse Business Activities in Makurdi

By Terseer Gbande, Source: Benue Page
Business and economic activities in Makurdi the State capital today witnessed a heavy blow following closure of businesses belonging to Igbo traders in celebration of Igbo Day.

Our correspondent who visited Modern Market, High-Level, Wurukum and Wadata markets as well as shops at Benue Crescent reports that, many shops were under lock and key with business premises looking deserted.

Prospective buyers who went to the markets to make some purchases were disappointed as most shops were closed. Few other shops were however opened for business.

Some buyers Kunasuun Aorabee and Doose Ajaza were at Wadata market to make some purchases said they were disappointed that having tracked from far, they could not see a trader to sell to them and have no choice but to go back home.

They complained that, a notification to such closure was not properly communicated to the public thereby causing untold hardship to customers.

Some Igbo traders James Okafor, Ifeanyi Eze and Friday Anayo who were seen standing around their business premises explained that, the closure of the shops was in celebration of Igbo Day town as directed by their leaders saying the closure would last till 4pm.

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