TERRIBLE: Man Catches Pregnant Wife Having S3x With Another Man In Benue … In Matrimonial Bed

The bubbles have bursted for a woman in Otukpo area of Benue state, simply identified as Mercy, as she was caught  right in the act with another man on Monday, October 13, 2014.
It was learnt that her husband, known as Okpani, has been suspecting that his pregnant wife was having extra-marital affairs behind his back had set them up and the unsuspecting woman and her lover were eventually trapped.

According to reports, Okpani, who works with the Local Government, left the house in the pretext of going for a meeting of the Nigerian Union Of Local Government Employees N(ULGE), in Makurdi, the state capital.

The wife who couldn’t wait for her husband to travel so she would “taste the other side of the soup” never knew her moves were under surveillance by her husband who was housed by one of their neighbours.

Soon afterwards, a middle aged man, identified as Omale, came looking for pregnant Mercy to the satisfaction of Okpani’s curiosity.

Mercy’s husband felt the ground should give way underneath him at the sight of his pregnant wife having S3xual intercourse with another man.

He decided to take a little while before he went into their room and beheld his wife in serious love making encounter with the man.

The police had been called in to calm the situation that ensued.

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