Suswan using LG funds to sponsor anointed candidate – MINDA Stakeholders

Stakeholders from the Minda area of Benue State where the State Governor, Gabriel Suswan, recently zoned the governorship to, have accused him of using local government funds to sponsor Dr. Eugene Aliegba as his successor.

The stakeholders also alleged that the governor is trying to impose his stooge as next governor of the state.

Arising from there emergency meeting in Makurdi the state’s capital, they pointed out that using public funds to sponsor any candidate is inimical to democratic justice.

Leader of the group, Mr. Donald Kyungun, noted that this was not the first time the Bureau for local government affairs was being used as conduit to siphon public funds.

He said, “We have it on good record that only recently the former governor and Senate minority leader George Akume alleged that the Bureau is deducting N3m monthly from the local government allocation and here we are alleging that the governor is using local government funds to sponsor his stooge as next governor of Benue.”

He however appealed to the governor to allow internal democracy and justice take its root before the primary elections.

Source: Punch Newspaper

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