Should There Also Be A Christian Republic In Nigeria?

WHEN one is faced with the strength of a radical fundamentalist Islamic world in terms of outlandish and violent ideas and the conspiracy on how it can control the political climate and policy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, one could well wonder if any force on the face of the Earth is sufficient to withstand the radical Islamist onslaught against freedom and the fundamental right to life of a citizen of a hitherto secular society where there is divergent views on both religion and social- cultural belief of the larger society.   

 Some time ago there was an advertorial in the Sunday Vanguard by one self made activist who goes by the name Shehu Sani whose pre-occupation is basically to protect the interest of the North. In the harshly worded Advertorial he castigated the South as not being politically matured and that power must return to the North by all means adding that they are the ordained political leaders of Nigeria. In the said advert, he categorically profiled the South-West as intellectual power house and the South-East as business and the North as undisputed political leaders of Nigeria who were born to rule.

The South South where President Goodluck Jonathan came from, was not a force to be reckon with apart from the vast natural resources which is being exploited indiscriminately to develop other part of Nigeria. The minority Christian South South producing a president is like an abomination to the Islamist core North . Most of the time I sympathize with President Jonathan performing Islamist rites as a Christian president that is not his portfolio. It is the Vice President, a muslim who should perform those rites because there is no pretence in the belief that majority of muslims across the world regard a Christian as infidel or unbeliever that has no right to he alive or live together with them, although the progenitor of the covenant child Isaac and Ishmael a child of the bond had the same ancestor which was Abraham yet there was no affectionate relationship between the two brothers and apart from pretence and diplomacy which have glued them together, the amalgamation which was a colonial conspiracy on the entity called Nigeria, failed woefully between India and Parkistan.

One Hindu/Sikh State and the other a Muslim majority State both Nations became very hostile to each other that later slide them in a fierce religious war, claiming over three million (3,000,000) death on both sides.

In analysing the ISIS new monsters organization created in Iraq whose purpose is to exterminate pockets of Iraqi Christian community even though they are bonafide Iraqi. As Iraqi this write up goes to press the Christians are fleeing enmass into the mountainous areas with no hope of surviving the Islamic onslaught. A famous historian once told this writer that Jihadist movement was pushing fiercely down South with obvious destruction of ever stand on the way right from the Sokoto caliphate. Although there were pocket of resistance along the route they were able to conquer many parts of middle belt towards Ilorin, Makurdi, Jos even down to part of South-West to Auchi in Edo State. They were however stopped by the military might of the British colonial masters. The aim was to push us all into the ocean in the name of Islam. This writer’s mum was also an Islamist convert but not the new dimension of the present day Islamist fundamentalism which gave birth to the dreaded Boko Haram, Al Queada, El shahab. e.t.c.

Today come Islamist nation are allegedly developing nuclear arsenal which they are expected to use on the Jewish State of Israel. One could note with nostalgia that all the flash points of the world are m Islamist nation of the Middle East, North Africa part of West and East Africa, and they are bent on killing their neighbors to the extent that it has become a kind of strange bed follows, i.e. the extent that their women folks after many years of oppression, have been transformed into walking human bombs, ready to explode any moment with unquantified collateral damage to lives and properties.

Shall we observe the phenomenon of the establishment of a Christian republic in Nigeria? I believe we will be filled with a sense of wonders that God has exercised such sovereignty over the rise and fall of the w to accomplish hi purpose in human history. This struggle for the soul and de of mankind has spanned all of the generations. Since Adam, will see its incredible conclusion in he next event of the next decade, after all, Ishmael was highly favored as the covenant child by God, it was Isaac that was highly favored as the covenant child no matter how fiercely or dreadful Ishmael might prove to manipulate a false covenant of terrorism, onslaught, insurgency whose purpose is to intimidate the covenant children. On that day, God made a covenant saying “unto thy seed have I given this land from River Niger to Benue down to the Atlantic, the great river that it should be inhabited by Abraham’s children” Abraham, the father of the chosen people, was removed from his home and led to a strange land which God promised to Abraham’s descendants forever, aside ‘from the obvious obstacle of strong nations occupying this territory, an even greater obstacle seem to be standing in the way of God’s promise, giving the threat by Ishmaelite terrorist.

Should we have a Christian Republic where the land is tilled with Christian institutions proclaiming the message of truth and is effectively meeting the social needs of the poor, creating beautiful and meaningful life training intellectual leaders in every field from Theology to Politics. A land creating a grassroots political organisation which is striving for .a just and fair government and is educating the masses through the mass media on patriotism, selfless service and commitment to basic quality of life for the masses then the ground wok o it Christian Republic will be realised and there is no hidden agenda just progress in all it’s ramifications.

The goal will be reached when Christian institutions are effectively managed and touching the lives of the vast majority of people and a Christian Consensus is achieved, then the government will be filled with Christians or those who arc intellectually reflected with Christian ideas.

The society may still not be perfect but it will he repentant of its many sins and try to please God. It will provide religious liberty for all and the protection of individual rights by a just and fair ru1e. Economically, such a state would reflect a compassionate and free economy which will allow growth and solve many of t problems of the poor by creating jobs and new industries.

As the number of individual Christians, Christian Institutions and Christian Republic increase we must revive our faith and strength existing Christian institutions where more Christian agencies need to be established and we must do all we can with the resources we now have to make them successful as possible. It is an abomination iii the eyes of God to watch the destruction of a civilian population by a terrorist group just for the fun of it or with bogus and mad ideology which can never be realised.

Generally, the battle of this world will be definitely won by the Christians. It will be all en-compassing and all inclusive because truth is not for those who are unworthy or unable to receive it or would rather pervert, it. Truth becomes deadly to those who arc not strong enough to contemplate it in all its brilliance. Truth must be kept sacred and the masses need a teaching proportional to their imperfect teaching of calumny, anarchy, hatred, hatred, rational acrimony, violence and killings of innocent citizens this is not God purpose for Abraham’s descendants, his promise is to give us an expected end, a nation flowing with milk and honey. Our present state where nation rise against nation are the beginning of sorrows which is bound to he eliminated with the manifestation of a Christian Republic. The entire chronology of God dealings with mankind, from the birth of Abraham to the final setting up of Christ Kingdom on Earth and Nigeria in particular is marked with startling precise period of four hundred and ninety years. The Christians solution to our multi—ferrous problems is by establishing a Christian Republic, creation of Godly lasting institutions, sharing .with others the good new of God’s salvation, voluntary compliance with God’s law, motivated by faith, hope and love.

Thankfulness for the free gift of salvation to us through Jesus personal commitment to Jesus as divine Priest, king and God’s acknowledgement as creator and ruler of the world. We need to wake up and realise that radical Islamist will use any movement whether secular or religion as a strategy in its deadly game to conquer many parts the world. France a liberal western nation whose doors were open wide to Islamist infiltration is now curbing its excesses; first by banning the hijab. It is not enough to be against radical fundamentalist Islamist movement, we must support the establishment of a just and fair government. Christian Republic view is to bring change to the world through love, truth, patient, courage, fairness, even distribution of wealth, destruction of poverty and corruption, the dreaded evil. Take note, this write-up is not against True Islamic Practice.

Source: Nigerian Observer

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