September 30th Devotional: The Power of Praise



Praise not only honours God and empowers our faith, it is also a
powerful weapon in the realm of the spirit.
Praise is a sure way to not only appreciate God for the things he has
done but to hold him to do that which you desire of him.
Praising God in time of need unlocks your faith and like it is
written; A double minded (Faithless) man is unstable in all his ways,
let him not think he can obtain anything from God.
David was called a man after Gods own heart because he lived a life
that was filled with praises. Even in the most trying of times, David
always praised God; No Wonder he recorded more victories in his
lifetime than any other king in the bible.
The devil can only defeat you If he can shut your mouth from praise.
Praise unlocks the door of hope which is the backbone of faith. Start
Praising God today and see him manifest greatly in your life and
situation. remember, The Shouting side is the winning side.

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