Rejoinder: So Akume is a Catholic Knight? By Ati Kenneth Kengkeng

Senator George Akume

Senator George Akume

Its been tiring but prosperous for me over the past few weeks. My agenda hardly spares me enough time to let out my mind even in short articles like this but Ive decided to deny myself the comfort and pleasure I derive from my travels and businesses to release my mental acumen to an untimely and venomously damaging submission by one Iorliam Shija who has willingly lambasted His Excellency Sen. Dr. George Akume over what ordinarily, should be a morning devotion material for Papa Ayo Oritsejafor and his family of double-standard Christian leaders. Iorliam Shija took the Senator to the cleaners as a derivative from the Senators submission over the cash, arms and jet scandal of Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor. You might want to source both articles out here and read them before we continue.

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READ:So Akume is a Catholic Knight – By Iorliam Shija

For starters, I am not holding brief for Sen. Akume. The man is a colossus (in his words). He has enough foot soldiers to fight his battles. As a matter of fact, if anyone has an axe to grind with him (for reasons personal to me), I am the one but timing is of the essence, which happens to be Iorliam Shija’s greatest undoing.
Expressing fake amazement in the knighthood of Senator Akume as an in-road to demean him is totally your business and none of mine but when it makes derogatory sense of the message the man has to pass across in the public terrain, it becomes a matter for public deliberation, hence my opinion. Our country is suffering on all fronts and worst of all is the religious. We have come to live with the fact that we are religiously divided at the smallest and slightest appearance of disagreement. In a time like this, the aircraft of the CAN President is at the centre of a money laundering, arms purchasing scandal; Brothers, friends and colleagues, nation builders and leaders are being murdered in cold blood in all nooks and crannies of Nigeria; Businesses North, South, East and West are witnessing a religious inclination in their clientele; And you Iorliam Shija decides to take the shine off the handsome rebuke, counsel and advise of Dr. George Akume by your derogatory submission, listing the litany of “sins” the Senator committed when he held sway as Governor of Benue State…This makes me greatly unhappy. Whether Dr. George Akume is or is not whatsoever you call him, did or did not do all that is stated in your article, in my opinion, you chose the wrong time to deliver your killer moves. It will be pitiable on your part if anyone takes his message for granted. Like I said to you on facebook, when you go public with an opinion that reduces the tempo of an eloquent word of caution, you perforate common sense with an aberration of what is expected of your profession. Our nation needs healing. Unfortunately, your article was meant to brew war and get hearts aggravated. I wish I could envelope Ukan Kurugh in this for trumpeting your ignominious position but I just might save that for another day when I receive this kind of gratitude from my tight schedule as today.
Its high time journalism be defined and geared towards building rather than destroying. We must start drawing the line between the right to freedom of expression and hate messaging. This pull-him-down syndrome has never helped the tiv nation or Nigeria at large. Akume should pay for his sins but not when he has something sensitive to say and also says it sensibly eloquently and sagaciously irrespective of how senseless you’ve made us believe he is. Your pen is not the barometer for justice so timing should matter in the interest of our nationhood. It is worse when I get to know that as a journalist, you Iorliam Shija did not know that a high profile citizen like Akume is a Knight in the Catholic Church. Its truly pitiable. In advanced societies, the management of your organization will get you sacked for such brazen admission of lack of excellence and dedication in your chosen profession. I took the pains to go down the infamous line of your previous activities as a journalist and lots of what I saw was character assassination, public officers personality defense and the likes. The best of your delivery in the true sense of journalism has been a copy and paste where you quoted another news source. So where do you stand? Im not against your seemingly fledging career as a paid writer but do it well. Timing is of the essence. Whatsoever you say per time might suit your pocket but let it also suit the mood of the nation. You have to care because Nigeria’s ox might be gored and where will you be to practice your trade when Nigeria is up in flames? Ill be expecting a change of attitude and world class journalism from you henceforth else I might recommend for an administrative review at Nigerian Peoples Post. I cannot continue to have young folks like you taint the image of our generation in this manner. If I must take you back to the primary school days or Heir Apparent camp or NYSC camp where I was parade commander in all, remember “marking time” on the parade ground, a technique used during match past to await the preceding school or platoon to exit before your school or platoon takes her turn to salute. Mark time brother!
I expect you to express true freedom of expression by responding to this submission of mine and my personal profile is available. I hope you wont skip any details as you erroneously did with the distinguished Senator.
Best wishes in your chosen trajectory of life.

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  1. akade

    September 24, 2014 at 9:11 AM

    Iorliam Shija, Journalism and Politics: Facts
    and Opinion.
    As a veteran community Journalist of a
    modest media ethical background whose
    verbal repertoire in historical development
    and recountal is bewitchingly versatile,
    Iorliam Amo ShiJa achieved greatness and
    honour in no small measure among us, his
    followers-both young and old. Most
    especially those of us from Kwande Local
    Government Area of Benue State where he
    introduced the first (to the best of my
    knowledge) published News Paper “Kwande
    Source News”. A paper that up to date, I
    miss its wide range of coverage in remote
    areas of the LG and facts on issues within
    the Local Government,Benue State and
    Nigeria at large.
    Our esteemed Editor-In-Chief and his
    paper/journalism carrier surfaced because
    of his varied and dispassionate reportage
    which most of us felt was, and still believe
    is the true business of a genuine
    Journalism and Politics are two different
    things bound together by an inextricably
    serviceacibility to each other. Whereas
    journalism propagates, corrects and directs
    politics; politics in turn fuels and patronises
    journalism mostly for selfish aim of the
    later, and audience satisfaction as well as
    profit making of the initial. This however,
    does not in the slightest sense, suggests
    that journalism is slavery to politics; and it
    shouldn’t be!
    Irrespective of Iorliam Shija’s unprivileged
    background in his carrier, stood out to
    prove rightly our thoughts about what
    journalism should be then.
    That was then-when Shija’s interest in
    politics was latent and without
    narrowmindedness. Ever since our
    esteemed “eye opener”, Editor-in-Chief
    declared publicly his support for a
    particular candidate and party in the Benue
    2015 gubernare, Amo Shija has advanced
    greatly in his carrier, converted and about-
    faced into a real Nigerian/Benue journalist
    whose prolific creativity would not only be
    exhibited in selling out his aspirant and
    party, but also in mow-downing and
    prostrating his anti-party! This was not in
    the nature of the Iorliam Shija in the days
    of ‘Kwande Source News’.
    Hence, I wish to call on Snr. Iorliam Amo
    Shija to choose either Public journalism
    and adhere strictly to its ethics, or a
    voluntary media aide to his aspirant and
    party thus, give critics the better position to
    respond appropriately to his contempo
    I Remain Loyal!
    Blessed Comrade Akade,E.I
    President, Enlightened Benue Youth Forum.

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