Peter Ali Shares His Thoughts on Nigeria’s Independence

Today our dear country marks her 54th Birthday as an independent, sovereign nation, and one question I’ve asked myself in the days leading to this day was this, if Nigeria was a 54 year old man, what kind of man would you describe him as? Successful, smart and brilliant with a good dress sense and emotionally intelligence to deal with his environment? Or foolish and unwise with little care about his appearance and an extremely wasteful individual, unkempt and with the littlest regard for the well being of his family?
Today I hope Nigerians remember what’s important, what gives us our identity, why we are so special, why everyone the world over is talking about us in spite of our severe shortcomings as a nation.
With corruption and impunity the order of the day, people still see the bright light shining on this country, people still hope we shall one day find our epiphany and cherish our country with the kind of patriotism that infects everyone we encounter, the consciousness of knowing we come from a land that is truly blessed from north to south, east to west, with immerse natural and human resources to die for,  a country with the sort of diversity like no other nation on the entire planet, a country with citizens that love unconditionally,  a country with no strangers within its borders.
Let’s us fight corruption and impunity as we have fought Ebola and fighting Boko Haram- TOGETHER because TOGETHER we can conquer, conquer these elements which are our common enemy, let’s unite and extinguish them, then and only then can be preserve our identity with dignity, walk in all airports around the world with unbridled integrity, hold our hands together in prayer without religious prejudice to build our country and take Nigeria to the peak of her powers!

God bless Nigeria.

Ali Peter

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