Other News: “Condoms Provided For Us Are Too Small For Our S*xual Organs” – Ugandan Men Cry Out


Uganda’s parliamentary committee for HIV/Aids after observing people living with HIV/Aids in the country have increased, carried out a recent research on areas worst hit by the virus, and alas one of the major causes was discovered – their men have larger organs than the size of the condoms made available.

It was also discovered that, most of the men were already practising flesh to flesh when there was no option of bigger condoms.

“When it comes to action, when they’re having S3xual activity, of course with the pressure, it bursts,” one size doesn’t fit all, one of the committee leaders said.

“Some youths are complaining that the condoms they are being given are too short. Their organs can’t fit in them,” a committee member also admitted after carrying out the research.

Aids is seen as being resurgent in Uganda, with as many as 80 000 people dying of the disease every year.

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