On Ati Kenneth Kenkeng’s Babblings By Iorliam Shija

Iorliam Shija

Iorliam Shija

I have every reason to ignore your infantile construction under the tittle “REJOINDER: SO AKUME IS A CATHOLIC KNIGHT? CC: Iorliam Shija, which came on social media 23rd September, 2014” because at most it looked to me like one of the article-type which my good friend Tyover Gum loves to call, “Academic Ma5turbation”. The other reasons being that one of the people I respect so much cautioned me privately, against responding to you . That was the reason why I didn’t even read it at first. I repented and chose not to read it because I suspected that you would disappoint me; and surely bros, you have disappointed me, not only me, us, young people.

But I had broken this resolve and decided to respond because somewhere in your babblings I saw this: “I expect you to express true freedom of expression by responding to this submission of mine and my personal profile is available. I hope you wont skip any details as you erroneously did with the distinguished Senator.”
I think, I owe you this piece.
Now let me start from the beginning. When you saw my simple article under the title, “so Akume is A catholic Knight” on 22nd September, 2014, on Ukan Kurrugh’s Wall, this were your first words: “The error, the counsel and the way of Iorliam Shija.I just might invest my energy on an article with that title. What a stupid boy he has been all this while with his Ma5turbation on the platform of press freedom. This is idiotic in every sense. Now UK has upgraded his foolishness to world view .Soon,he will write another one calling on Christians to speak up. One has spoken KSJI or not and it’s still not enough. I have medicine for fools in this category. We shall see.”
My brother, when you spoke of medicine for fools like me, I thought it was something serious. I was expecting something more glorious, but as I said up here. Your medicine is a shame and a disappointment. But I thank you for this opportunity, anyway.

This is shameful or a disappointment not because, surprisingly, unlike most of us social media dudes, your pen exhumes a bad command of English. Nope, at that you have rather shamed most of us. Although a younger person like some of us, obviously, your write up is of a good grammatical type. Bros, I envy you. Keep it up. It only became shameful at what you used it to do.

Now, rather than maybe responding to me with facts, you chose to blackmail me on timing. You wrote that” In a time like this, the aircraft of the CAN President is at the centre of a money laundering, arms purchasing scandal; Brothers, friends and colleagues, nation builders and leaders are being murdered in cold blood in all nooks and crannies of Nigeria; Businesses North, South, East and West are witnessing a religious inclination in their clientele; And you Iorliam Shija decides to take the shine off the handsome rebuke, counsel and advise of Dr. George Akume by your derogatory submission, listing the litany of “sins” the Senator committed when he held sway as Governor of Benue State…This makes me greatly unhappy.”

Let me tell you that the Truth is Timeless, that most of you are either scared to say it NOW or feel it should be reserved for tomorrow, does not change it or will. That most of you think that a local man like me doesn’t have the credentials of mentioning it, doesn’t change it and wont . My brother, if you had taken daggers at me because I have lied against “His Excellency Sen. Dr. George Akume over what ordinarily, should be a morning devotion material for Papa Ayo Oritsejafor and his family of double-standard Christian leaders “ then, I should rather be ashamed of myself, but that a young person like you has taken weapons of war against me because I have relived recent history based on empirical facts, then I weep for Benue and Nigeria.
So to you Akume didn’t send militia to Kwande? He didn’t cause mayhem in Tarkaa, Gwer and those places, ? I saw where you said Akume calls himself a “colossus”. Where did you get that? Was it not in the same leaked interview he called respected elders as “dogs” and “animals” ? my brother, if you had used your polished grammar to point out where I lied against Akume KSJI, then Baba Avese would have buried himself in shame; but telling me that my sin is that , I spoke at the wrong time then I think you over stepped your boundaries . That commadn , it is only my conscience that gives me. I was even magnanimous in the primary article.

I didn’t write all the sins of Akume. For example even though I knew (because he personally told me in a recorded interview before his death ) that Akume sent Late Very Fr Moses Adasu out of BSU at a point. The goodly priest who was his predecessor recounted how the then registrar, Williams Moze gave him his sack letter, with bitterness. I didn’t write of his marital life and the adultery that surrounded him and still does. Ati, if it of these that you persecute me? Then, I stand persecuted.

Brother, have you read Thomas Hardy’s “The Mayor of Casterbridge (1886), subtitled “The Life and Death of a Man of Character” .

Look at it from wekipedia for a summary of the plot:
“At a country fair near Casterbridge, WesS3x, a young hay-trusser named Michael Henchard overindulges in rum-laced furmity and quarrels with his wife, Susan. Spurred by alcohol, he decides to auction off his wife and baby daughter, Elizabeth-Jane, to a sailor, Mr. Newson, for five guineas. Once sober the next day, he is too late to recover his family, particularly since his reluctance to reveal his own bad conduct keeps him from conducting an effective search. When he realises that his wife and daughter are gone, probably for good, he swears not to touch liquor again for as many years as he has lived so far Eighteen years later, Henchard, now a successful grain merchant, is the eponymous Mayor of Casterbridge, known for his staunch sobriety. He is well respected for his financial acumen and his work ethic, but …….”

Buy the book and read the full story how our past haunts us. You questioned my journalistic credentials; I do that myself most times, but very few can question my knowledge of history. It is not only you that confuses, Iorliam Shija the historian and Iorliam shija the so called journalist. In this article I wrote more like a historian. At the time Akume carried out these activities, the likes of Alhaji Tsav, Maurice Tsav and Basil Chainson and his friends spoke against them. What I did was stating the obvious.

You disappoint me and you are a shame because, if it were those active participants and those Akume men that were architects of the evils of his regime, that wrote the feeble rejoinder to save their names and shame, but one would know why. But, brother why did you write? Because of fear? Are you a coward? Yes, many of us today are cowards. But why didn’t you keep quiet, or behave like other cowards who chose to engage me privately? If I were you, I wouldn’t have come open with this shame. I tell you that your children will be on the wrong side of history because some one would remind then how you stood with buccaneers and defended their acts against the poor people. Orne, nobody can do that to Nguavese and Ngodoo.

When the Greek philosopher, Socrates and Copernicus and Galliioe, after him spoke timleless truths in those dark ages, to their respective communities and were persecuted and even killed, were the truth they stated killed? On Akume, my brother, nobody can tell me a new doctrine. His militia killed Ordedoo, the poor vucanizer before my eyes, they killed Obanta, the mad guy whom they thought was a Juju man, the killed the wheelbarrow pusher, Aondongu Uju, they killed Gwaza Bur, that man of peace…the list is endless. What ever you write, these can not be reversed. Yes, Akume has repented; yes, but read the book of Hebrews 12: 7.Do you know what happened to Esau after he sold his birthright? for Esaul found no place of repentance, though he sought it carefully with tears, Genesis 27:34 ,though he was very solicitous for the blessing, and shed many tears to obtain it, yet he had no true repentance for his sin in soiling the birthright. Tears are not an infallible sign of repentance: men may be more concerned for the loss and mischief that come by sin, than for the evil that is in it; and such repentance is not sincere; it does not spring from love to God, or a concern for his glory; nor does it bring forth proper fruits, theologians argue. This is what seens to be happening to Akume due to his past.

A few months ago, I spoke to your elder brother, Terkula Ati and he told me of some serious agriculture stuffs you are doing. That is the future. Recently too, Ukan Kurrugh told me of how you went about donating relief materials to the displaced people. These are noble; please be focus on those, never travel this road of shame again. Lets hook up when next I come to your town.

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