Nigeria: Safety Issues – Cows on Our Roads

HE planners and controllers of the Nigerian economy will proudly tell anyone who cares to listen that the Nigerian economy is the preferred destination of investors from different parts of the world.This is in spite of the fact, that we are a nation in war.

Presently, the Boko Haram terrorists are fighting to take over another territory in Adamawa State, in addition to Gwoza, an area of Borno State where their flag is still flying, whilr they unleash inhuman wickedness on poor, innocent Nigerians in that area.

The surprise is that some political stakeholders from the North, including the North East, are busy jostling for power in 2015, hoping to use insecurity to capture our votes.

They seem to be carried away by the frenzy of the 2015 elections, when there is war in their back yard. How unfortunate! With the growing suspicion that that some politicians are the major sponsors of the Boko Haram, political office seekers for 2015, should actually distance themselves from using insecurity as a campaign issue.

The thinking in some quarters is that they instigatedthe problem in other to wrestle power from President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GEJ, in particular, and the South of Nigeria in general. Should a man prosper and profit from his own blunders? No! Presidential aspirants for 2015 should start proffering solutions to the war in the North East as a proof that they desire to rule a peaceful Nigeria.

Well, the real or fake Shekau is now dead. And while we wait for the death of the next in command or many more of their leaders, in agreement with the Holy Scriptures, that when you strike the Sheppard, the flock will scatter, our forces must do more to end the killings of the innocent by these mindless blood-thirsty animals, called Boko Haram.

The Nigerian military has done well in spite of saboteurs. GEJ has vowed to flush the Haramites and we prayerfully support and believe him. It is all about the North and one Nigeria.

One of the very vital agricultural products from the North is cow meat, Nigeria’s key source of animal protein. The cow from the North is called Nnama. About 40 years ago, we had other species of cows from other parts of the country. In the South East, for example, we had the local Ehi which helped in the provision of animal protein during the Biafran civil war period.

Ehi was reputed by research to be a hardy, strong animal, and an efficient protein converter. A hybrid of the Ehi and Nnama from the North would have given us a typical Nigerian cow, but today, research and deliberate government policies have made other local species extinct, while preserving and elevating the cow from the North.

However, the same attitude of some Northern politicians of ‘you must take it as we want it’, have prevailed in the production and distribution of the cows, such that cows have become a challenge to the safety of Nigerians.

The real herdsmen of these cows are Fulanis from the North who are usually simple minded, humble fellows. But over time, they have been infiltrated and learnt how to carry AK 47 rifles which they use in killing and destroying villages in the North and her environs. The insurgents even tried to use them to export terrorism to the South-South and the South East areas of Nigeria. Today the name ‘Fulani herdsmen’ conjure up horror in the minds of those who have read about or witnessed the destructions and killings by these men around the nation, be it in Plateau, Bauchi or Benue state, to name a few.

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