My first studio experience felt like the first time I had s*x” – Vincent Aduku


Vinci Quest of Eye Six One

On occasion of his 25th birthday, Vincent Aduku who is famously known as Vinci Quest sat down with to discuss a number of issues. The leader of award winning dance group, Eye Six One, rapper and entrepreneur gave out a howler when he compared his first studio experience with the first s*x experience. However the former bad boy has since changed his ways and turned to gospel music.
The WOW TV boss also spoke of his childhood, his various businesses and scuffles with Koboko amongst other music artists.
The full interview follows…

MAKHITS: Welcome on board sir.

VINCI_QUEST: Thank you very much.

MAKHITS: Who is Vinci Quest?

VINCI_QUEST: Vinci Quest is a Bsc Computer Science holder who has stamped great seals in business, entertainment, religion and most recently education.

MAKHITS: Please tell us more about you, your life, Educational and Family background.

VINCI_QUEST: OK, Born in Enugu (phyno’s home town). Have lived almost everywhere from Jos to Kaduna (that’s how I know Praiz and Skales). Also Abuja where I live now. I was always a quiet dude and never knew I would be an entertainer which is the backbone of all my success today. 5th in family of 7, 22nd September 1989 was the day Mr John Aduku and Miss Rose Aduku were blessed with a unique kid (me), Vinciquest is Igala from kogi state.

MAKHITS: Cool, Let us start off by discussing your stage name, “Vinci_Quest”, how did you come up with this name and what inspired it?

VINCI_QUEST: The name Vinci is coined from my real name Vincent in some foreign language interpretation and Quest is a title I earned from being leader of a zone of Soul Quest (biggest dance brand and ministry in west africa). The combination of both produced what the world calls VinciQuest today.

MAKHITS: Aside music, what do you do?

VINCI_QUEST: Hmmm. So much. My baby company “WOW” is what I recently launched and it is the business side of me WOW is an internet TV, weekly show and Cinema project in progress. Also asides music, vinciquest is a professional dancer leading Eye Six One to Several Victories in national dance competitions

MAKHITS: Now let’s talk about EyeSixOne, What does “EyeSixOne mean?, what does it stand for?, why was it formed?, when was it formed?, just give us a general insight on the brand.

VINCI_QUEST: Eye Six One is something God started in 2008, myself and a group of really talented university fellas and it was totally the beginning of the journey to where we are now. The name was coined from Isaiah 61, which is the scripture the whole vision is hinged on.

MAKHITS: Awesome!. Back to you, how and when did you start doing music ?, where you born with it like most artists would say or you got to develop the skills overtime?

VINCI_QUEST: Music started from childhood. Choir was my thing from prep school, high school was where rap started and dancing joined in college. I love music. When I hear good music, my soul leaps

MAKHITS: Please do you mind sharing with us your first studio experience and what its outcome was?

VINCI_QUEST: My first studio experience felt like the first time I had S3x. Fulfilment! Although in the case of S3x I must admit there was guilt allover. The song was a gospel hit that got rave reviews and that was enough to convince me and the world that I had it inborn

MAKHITS: You and your dance group, Eyesixone won The Malta Guiness Street Dance Competition at the Regional level, you guys have also made a name and couple of other achievements, how did all these come by?

VINCI_QUEST: We was because were destined to I must say because sometimes I feel we didn’t deserve it. God just favoured us and we kept being on top. The Naija feet video that has been thrilling fans all over the world came from a 4year endorsement that we are just in the 2nd year. Walahi it has been God.

MAKHITS: The Vinci Quest I knew was once from the Church, who later started bringing out Secular hits, and now He’s back to the church, please can you say something about that?

VINCI_QUEST: About my new life in christ, its a great ride, I really want to do music to bless people now, make no mistakes, the songs would not fall short in any standard. Expect bigger hits meant to bless and uplift not just thrill. That’s all I wana say bout that aspect of my life.

MAKHITS: Your song “My Last Single” ft Erigga, really got people talking, and many started looking at you from a different angle when it dropped, do you mind telling us the cost incurred to make this collaboration possible and what impact did it make to your musical career?

VINCI_QUEST: My Last single ft. Erigga is the biggest musical work of my career so far, it cost much more than shooting the video of my song Omotohdun feat. Eye Six One comrade Davinci. It took me to new levels and introduced me to a larger industry. Superstar Producer Khamilu of Khamlife Studios is the backbone of my relationship with Erigga, Pheroshuz, Terry da Rapman and a few others.

MAKHITS: Years back, you were involved in a lyrical brawl with one of Benue’s Finest Rapper, Koboko, one which resulted to both of you taking the battle to the booth to release couple of tracks taking shots at each other, “Obituary of a Koboko” was your reply to the diss, please we would like to know what caused the bad blood between the both of you.

VINCI_QUEST: Hahaha. I was bored and had some fun with my friend (the studio mic) The diss came out and it gave me a good laugh. I and Koboko are not beefing.

MAKHITS: On a Diss streak, you also did a song titled “The Apocalypse”, a diss to Yung6ix’s “Best Rapper in Nigeria” tweet, was that really necessary then, and did it achieve the aim for which it was done?

VINCI_QUEST: Yes it did. After my little scuffle with his six’s manager at the backstage of the county concert and his taking sides over the issue, the song was neccesary, it was not a fame stunt, I just took advantage of the times and spoke my mind.

MAKHITS: We would not have you here and not talk about your “Four Horsemen Cover” with Danter and Shogzi which was declared the best entry by the organizers of the M.I Abaga’s competition, (MIAbagadotcom), on that song you went really hard, I really loved what you did using the Hausa Language, how did the outcome of that song made you feel?

VINCI_QUEST: I have few songs in the industry and each of them is epic in its own way. four horsemen gave me a chance to meet MI again, who wouldn’t like that. Am happy I did the song. Dante’r came up with the idea and he did Justice to the second verse. Shogzi killed it too.

MAKHITS: After your song with Erigga, you made your stand as a Gospel Act made known, afterwhich you dropped a song titled “Testify” and from sources gathered, you are working on your Gospel Album, please tell us, what brought about this sudden switch?

VINCI_QUEST: Like I said, I want my music to be a better reflection of who I have become. Does not mean I won’t make music to thrill everyone of my fans and listeners (both lost and saved) but this is the label I carry now “Gospel Rapper” I can still cover a Shoki song and tell you about myself in it. I would still feature all the industry names and dress like some cloth maker from the future. My music will bless you now is what am saying.

MAKHITS: Please comment on the Entertainment industry here in Benue state.

VINCI_QUEST: It is the fastest Growing industry I have had d chance to actively relate with. Abuja cats are really great too but thumbs up to Benue. We hoping more investors can go in and create better platforms for the upcoming.

MAKHITS: I hope so too. If you had the power what will you correct about the Music industry in Makurdi?

VINCI_QUEST: It is a great industry, it will get there in due time, nothing to correct. Will keep praying for it that’s all.

MAKHITS: Who are your role models in the game?

VINCI_QUEST: I look up to my friend and father in the game 2face, kai baba is humble and loving and hardworking and baba is patient, I also look up to MI, his success is something that I will always look at to help keep me focused. I like usher and Chris Brown’s dancing too.

MAKHITS: If you owned a Record Label that needs to sign one Makurdi Based Artist, who would that be?

VINCI_QUEST: Any of SOULZ, TK SWAG, BIGGIE BROWN or DANTER. They are friends of mine and I see and appreciate their hard work and believe so much in their music and talent. Also AllNight is one gospel rapper I really hope to professionally work with in terms of talent branding and promotion.

MAKHITS: As a Gospel Act, what should your fans be expecting from you?

VINCI_QUEST: I don’t have gospel fans, I have fans. Its me who is a gospel rapper they are all human beings who love and appreciate VinciQuest Music.

MAKHITS: Do you have any shout-out to give?

VINCI_QUEST: Big shout out to My Father and friend Mr John Aduku for making this man and supporting me through my early days, to my lovely family and only clique of life, Dayo D1 of kennis music. He spoke some words to me many years ago that have not left me. To Uncle Charles who gave me the gift of YWAP that shaped my life. To 2face for giving me my proudest moments on stage with him, so many people, Felix Shyne, Yemi Slade from my peak talent show season, so many people, Henry Ipole who is my greatest push in my Benue days and to Skelewi my better half.

MAKHITS: Last words for the readers of this article.

VINCI_QUEST: Last words for readers, God is real, fulfilling purpose is the essence of man, I work hard and do my best for you and I hope you love me much more than you already do. Big things coming so stay expectant.

MAKHITS: What do you have to say about “”?

VINCI_QUEST: is a blogger you should not sleep on. Keep at it makhits, you do the job well, sky is your starting point.

MAKHITS: It is your birthday today, we at MakHits, wishes you long life, prosperity and all good things of life. Do you mind telling us how old you are today?

VINCI_QUEST: Thank you very much, my age today? *laughs*, I would choose to say am +1 today.

MAKHITS: Thank you for your time sir, do have a nice day.

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