Lawani’s Schemes Will Bring Curse On Benue – Agbese

Political activist and President National Democratic Front (NDF), Comr. Philip Agbese, has warned that the recent outings by the Benue state Deputy governor, Steven Lawani, not only portends danger for the political life of the state but also will incur God’s wrath on the state.
Agbese in a press conference held in Makurdi yesterday, accused Chief Lawani of instigating and sponsoring rumours of fictitious endorsements by the Idoma caucus of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), thereby alienating several others to his advantage.
Speaking at the press conference organised by NDF, the national president of the forum wondered why an elder like Lawani will take to rumour mongering and tale bearing to achieve leadership. He also expressed surprise that the deputy governor who was the oldest of the contestants would exhibit such desperation.
Citing the bible, Agbese noted that it clearly stated, “when elders speak evil the land suffers”, as such infered that the constant rumour and lie spreading by Lawani, will certainly bring a curse on the state.
“It is unimaginable that an elder like Lawani, who is not just the oldest contestant in this race but also the Deputy Governor of the state, will descend to such lowly positions as spreading falsehood and lies just to acquire power which he has tasted over and over. Lawani who is a Christian should be aware of the biblical injunction that when elders lie the land suffers, so this kind of behaviour is capable of bringing God’s wrath on the state”. He warned.
Agbese however advised Chief Lawani to emulate the example of the Senate President, David Mark, who he says has shown exemplary leadership which has kept him at the senate for so long with his constituents asking for him to continue.

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