INVESTIGATION: Minister Abba Moro in fresh scandal; defrauding Nigerians of billions

Controversial Minister of Interior, Abba Moro, has devised a fresh scheme to fleece Nigerians. Using the increase in the new fees charged for the Nigerian passport, he has formulated a new policy that would effectively extort billions from unsuspecting Nigerians every month.

Beginning in August, the minster illegally contracted a freight forwarding and courier company, Greater Washington Limited, to deliver passports to applicants at the cost of N2,000.

The fee has been built into the new fee of N19,550 charged for the Nigerian passport and every applicant is forced to pay the money whether she/he wants the service or not.

The new payment regime for the Nigerian passport commenced on August 1, when the federal government also rolled out the new 64-page passport for frequent travellers. Where the 32-page passport used to cost N8,750 for all Nigerians under the old regime, with the new rate, applicants aged 1 to 18 and 60 and above would now be the only ones allowed to pay the old rate of N8,750. All other applicants (aged 18 to 60) would pay N15,000.

This was announced by the Minister of Interior at the launch of the 64-page passport by President Goodluck Jonathan at the Presidential Villa on July 29. The minister said further that the 64-page passport would cost N20,000 while change of data for reasons other than marriage or divorce would attract a N30,000 processing fee.

What Moro failed to tell his audience, including President Jonathan, is that Nigerians would now be forced to pay N2,000 to have their passports delivered to their homes.

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SOURCE: Premium Times

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