Introducing PurpleSilver – Education and Art (literary and visual and performing arts).

ps logo1PurpleSilver is a registered non-profit organization with a major focus on education and art (literary and visual and performing arts).

To become a global voice using all art and creativity; through education and enlightenment to liberate society.

To transform society through creative expression and propagating ideas towards development.

1 Love
2 Knowledge
3 Purpose
4 Understanding
5 Hope

Mode of Operation
Weekly Interactive Sessions
PurpleSilver holds Weekly Interactive Sessions every Saturday that serve as a critique forum for writers, performers, dancers, poets, musicians, artists and photographers and so on. This serves as a place for all to connect with other people, share ideas and relax under calm environment and enjoy.

These sessions feature book readings for published authors as well as discussions on select topics chosen by those present at the session.
These sessions better their creators or producers; inspire and entertain the audience, being an atmosphere of relaxation, unrestricted sharing and freedom of expression in art and general discussions.

PurpleSilver meeting

PurpleSilver meeting

PurpleSilver holds weekly open mic Sessions in Makurdi every Saturday at from 4pm to 6pm at bbi office, opposite CBN bank (the gate is facing the side not the front of CBN)where writers, poets, musicians, and any other people converge for discussions and art critique sessions of all forms of art and obtain general enlightenment. Admission is always free.
PurpleSilver started Weekly meeting sessions since Saturday April 6, 2013 and has never missed meeting on any Saturday since then.

Reading Clubs
PurpleSilver runs reading clubs at Primary and Secondary schools to enable the young generation imbibe the culture of reading and improve their intelligence through informed sources of well written books. The interests of the students in the arts and creative expression is both developed and honed through the organization of competitions and contests.

Library and Bookstore
Our change and education resolve has optimum advantage with our private library, standard e-library and bookstore. People need multiple ways access literary materials in order to read, purchase books and carry out research and profitable community projects.

Orphanage Literacy and Art Program
This simply involves the establishment of Libraries in Orphanage homes. Orphans need proper education as well as exposure to the vast areas of human development needs in order to have as good a chance as any other child on the planet.

Prison libraries
The minds and hearts of those serving jail time needs to be kept positively engaged so as to end cases of recidivism among released or acquitted prisoners. Our prisons need libraries to achieve this and more.
Art, Craft and Photo Gallery
Visual artists have the opportunity to make public and entertain, educate and communicate messages through the presence of our art, craft and photo galleries. This serves as a means of income for artists, photographers and a tool for change through the expression of various messages targeted at communicating something specific to the observer in order to generate thought, send a message or simply entertain.
This includes visual illustrators and creative art in craft.

As a literary and art based organization we are committed to promoting, developing and ensuring that the minds of those consuming of these creativities and products are given the best creativity; hence our publishing and professional editing service.

Competitions and Contests
To ensure our mission and vision are being accomplished and core values preserved; we continually evaluate the system periodically by holding competitions and contests. Some of them are:
Our monthly writing challenge for writers is one that tests the creativity and intellect of the writer.
Our poetry slam brings out the best in performers in the area of spoken word or oral poetry.
Others include on spot competitions, quizzes and simple tests.

Events, Festivals, Book fairs, Workshops
Writing and art workshops are one of the ways we train and hone new talents and make old ones better.
Events are organized often to celebrate those who have succeeded in drawing people to their art and creativity by virtue of being good at what they do; an example is our Poetry Without Borders celebrating poetry every year.
Other events are carried out around globally acknowledged dates, events or celebrations.
We acknowledge the Valentine’s Day with our ‘Play By The Candlelight’ and international Day to End Impunity as a contribution towards justice and peace.
Book fairs help market authors and books and also create a means for readers to acquire books cheaply as well as encourage others to read.

We have hosted on special occasion:
Dike-Ogu Chukwumerije – Urichindere (novel) – Abuja
Dr Adigun – Princess of the Savanna – Abuja (poetry collection)
Su’eddie Vershima Agema – Bring Our Casket Home, tales one shouldn’t tell (poetry collection) – Makurdi
Bashiru ‘Bash’ Amuneni – Spoken word poet (3 times) – Abuja
Leonell Echah – Spoken word artist – Jos
Tersoo Gundu – Photo exhibition – Abuja
Andrew patience – spoken word, music – Jos
Thirdlead (rock band) – music – Makurdi
Iorver Ikeseh – Artist – Art exhibition
Priscilla Adoga – Poetry
Maria Ajima – Poetry
Terfa Bossua – Poetry
John Noah – Percussionist – California
Gabriel Ogidi – artist (pencil art) – art exhibition
Chuma Nwokolo – Book reading

For more information about PurpleSilver:
P. O. Box 1969,
Benue state,

Phone: +234 8098440303

To receive the latest Benue news updates, join us on Facebook and Twitter. Also add us on WhatsApp via + 234 807 773 3550.



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