Hoodlums attack Guardian reporter in Benue

Hoodlums on Wednesday night attacked the Guardian reporter in Benue State, Mr Msugh Ityokura.

The attackers are believed to have been sent on the mission by his fellow colleague, Mr Joseph Wantu.

Ityokura was beaten to a stupor by the hoodlums numbering over 15, around B Division area in Makurdi metropolis.

One of the hoodlums who disguised as Mr Tersoo earlier called Ityokura’s mobile phone that he was Mr Sam Ode’s driver and had a message for him.

Ode a former Minister of State for Niger Delta who is also gunning to become governor of the state in 2015 and Ityokura, had a long standing relationship which the imposter-Cvm attackers, who took advantage of the relationship.

Ityokura was attacked in his car in the company of two other reporters.

The hoodlums descended on him, just as they tore all his cloths and inflicted severe injuries on him.

In the process of the attack, the Commissioner of Police, Mr Hyacinth Dagala, was informed and he quickly sent a detachment of policemen to the scene.

But before they arrived, the attackers had fled the scene.

The police set a search team and in the process, two leaders of the gang were arrested in Wantu’s house in the same area where the incident happened, while they were briefing him of the success of the operation.

Wantu who allegedly masterminded the attack alongside his boys carried out his instruments were detained at the B Division.

Wantu is said not to be comfortable operating with Ityokura in the same state since both of them are from Guardian Newspaper and had been conniving with people to humiliate and molest him

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