Could it be the quest for God, money or what can an able body of this kind be looking for when he dressed up like a man in the temple of Almighty and  reported straight to the temple of God with fake identity?

 The parish priest and the entire faithful of St. Gregory’s Parish Ikpayongo of Benue State were surprised, when they found out that the young man whom they had received as a Catholic seminarian turned out to be an impostor.

The allegedly fake seminarian, Mr. Patrick Aondoaver Iortyer arrived the parish at the same time the faithful had brought home their son, Father Japhet Asaki for a reception after his priestly ordination at the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cathedral Makurdi by his Grace Augustine Kasujja. 

He had told some of the parish officials on his arrival that he was a friend to the new priest and the unsuspecting officials believed and attended to him as a seminarian. 

One of the parish officials who narrated how the scene unfolded to the press noted that Mr. Iortyer couched his gimmicks so cleverly that no one entertained any doubts about his true identity during the reception.

However, a cloud of suspicion started hovering over his claims when he could not communicate freely with the seminarians at the parish house, but continually remained cold. 

“He was also looking dirty. He was interacting more with the ladies at the parish. None of the seminarians knew him and he also maintained his aloofness throughout the day,” the source stated.

The peak of the drama came on Sunday, “when the new priest was about to start his first mass-and the fake seminarian quickly put on his soutane and attempted to join the priests at the altar. It was at this point that some of the seminarians interrupted him and demanded for his identity card, which he lied he had forgotten. 

At this stage, the parish priest was alerted and he was quickly taken to the parish house for further interrogation, with the MOD men guarding him as the rest returned for the start of the mass,” one of the seminarians said.

Shortly after the mass, Father Asaki, who the impostor claimed he knew, was invited to identify him but he put a disclaimer on his person. 

With the crowd now swelling, it dawned on the fake seminarian that his tricks refused to work out. The bag he was carrying was withdrawn from him, condoms and fake identity cards were found in it.

 As if that was not enough proof, the self-proclaimed seminarian, who at this point was speaking like a frightened war prisoner told the crowd that he was a seminarian with the orthodox congregation, but while the crowd was yet to absorb what he said, he again said that he was a Franciscan Seminarian, at this point the crowd became furious and impatient with him. He was threatened. It was at this point that he confessed that he was an impostor.

The Parish Priest, of St. Gregory’s Parish Ikpayongo, Father Donatus Ugema later handed Mr. Iortyer over to the police for further interrogation and appropriate action.

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