CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Housewife Caught In Bed With Stepson


Nemesis caught up with a 34-year-old housewife in Ogharefe, Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State when her secret affair with her stepson was uncovered recently.

According to our source, she was caught pants down with the boy.

It was gathered that the twist in the once peaceful home started when the wife of the stepson gave birth to a new baby. As it was customary, the woman was discharged to the step father’s house to ensure adequate care and attention, so that they would be able to attend to both the nursing mother and the new born baby for a period of three months when she will be fit to take care of herself and the baby.

After this period, they went back to their house to live as a couple. The dramatic twist started when the 34-year-old woman began to visit the stepson frequently even at odd hours. The husband, who was not happy and could no longer bear it, told his wife to her face that she should curtail her movement to the stepson’s place. This, however, did not stop as she continued with her visits.

Nemesis finally caught up with them when their secret affair was uncovered when they were caught pants down in the act. It was also gathered that the nursing mother had previously been married to someone else but broke the union after 10 years of marriage, packing out of her matrimonial home from where she returned to her father’s house in Ogharefe before she got married to her current husband.

When questioned, she was said to have claimed that since she moved to her present matrimonial home, she had been sleeping around with other men, up to 20, excluding her stepson.

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