Boko Haram Leader “Abubakar Shekau Is Well And Alive” – Ahmed Salkida

Despite the information going round that the leader of the dreaded Boko Haram group, Abubakar Shekau may have died following the heavy battle between Nigerian troops and the insurgents in Konduga, there are indication that the brutal leader of the sect is very much alive.

This information was made available by a Nigerian Journalist, Ahmed Saldika, who currently resides in the United Arab Emirate on exile.

Salkida is seen as the world’s topmost authority in terms of information as far as the Boko haram sect is concerned, by virtue of his closeness to the group during his journalism days in Nigeria. [See: The Genesis of Boko Haram.]

He was one of those President Jonathan had invited to Nigeria to broker a deal with the sect leader for the release of the abducted Chibok girls. The same deal the president cancellled at the last minute.

According to Salkida, the sect’s leader has not been killed as insinuated and the photograph being circulated as his body the person we all know as Shekau.

“Mark my words: I have it on authority that Shekau is well & alive, the picture going round is NOT the person who torments us with his group,” Salkida said in a  series of tweets via his titter handle.

SaharaReporters had published a story earlier which was republished by Abusidiqu stating that the “Abubakar Shekau” killed was one Bashir Mohammed.

Although the report admitted that Mr. Bashir who bore a striking resemblance with the leader of the sect the Nigeria government said was killed last year was the leader of the sect’s Uye camp, it however said intelligence source confirmed that Bashir had adopted Mr. Shekau’s nom deguere and had been the person responsible for issuing video messages in recent times.

This however seems to be at variance with the revelation by Salkida who said the sect leader has not been killed.  What that means is that Abubakar Shekau is a different person (still alive), from Bashir Mohammed who is now dead.

“So Shekau has a double? So it was his double I met during the failed attempt to negotiate an end to the plight of #chibokgirls? Oh #Nigeria,” Salkida tweeted.

Salkida also added in his tweet that there are no negotiation whatsoever going on between the Boko Haram sect and the Nigerian government with particular reference to the International Committee on Red Crescent (Red Cross).

“Mark my words: There is NO negotiation either by the @ICRC or any negotiator on the release of #chibokgirls with #BH Shura as I write this,” he said.

There have been reports lately that the Red Cross, the Nigerian Government and the Boko Haram sect are engaged in talks and might have agreed to swap the girls with some named Boko Haram prisoners.


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