@BenueTweets launches “The Benue Blog” (benue.com.ng)

Popular Benue news twitter handle @BenueTweets has launched a new blog – The Benue Blog (benue.com.ng).

In a statement, the admin said,
“Following the success of @BenueTweets on Twitter, this initiative was borne out of the need for greater online presence for the Benue brand. We are committed to bringing and keeping our online community informed with the latest news making the rounds in Benue State.”

“This will be a platform for brain-stimulating opinions, incisive commentaries, strategic insights and ‘analysis of life,’ as seen through the eyes of Benue people especially our youths – the leaders of tomorrow.”

“We’ll sift through the chatter and clutter, bringing you the relevant, to inform, stir, provoke, educate, excite and entertain you, even annoy you sometimes (lol) as we continue to engineer a social revolution for a greater Benue.”

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Email: publisher@benue.com.ng

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