Benue Govt To Raise N10b To Fund Public Schools

Benue state government is to raise N10billion this year through donations to address the dilapidated state of public schools across the state.

The state Commissioner of Eduction, Prof. Dennis Ityavyar who made this known yesterday in Makurdi, said the fund would be raised through the newly inaugurated Benue People’s Education Project, BePEP.

Ityavyar said “the mandate of the project is to raise over N100billion in the next few years to bridge the funding gap in the sector which has over time suffered neglect to the detriment of the upcoming generation.”

He said the funds which would be generated through BePEP under the direct supervision of the state Governor would be managed in such a manner that it’s activities would be opened to public scrutiny.

 Earlier, the Coordinator of BePEP, Mrs. Betty Kajoh explained that “the project is a crowd-funding platform with the mandate to garner resources from alternative sources to support public education in Benue state. “The project is intended to create a network of funding partners which will include banks, religious organizations, political appointees, traders and business organizations, Non- Governmental Organisations, international donors and public spirited individuals.”

“As we set out to actualize this dream our paramount goal is to raise donations by cash and or physical infrastructures to ultimately boost teaching and learning in public schools across the state.”

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  1. Dame Rich

    February 12, 2017 at 10:48 AM

    This is actually a great idea…Something like a state trust fund for Education, but how long does the governor intend to be in charge of affairs in the State? 2 years to go… Seeing as he intends to be the manager of the said funds…10 billion to 100 billion naira is an ambitious project for Benue…Maybe we should start at N1 billion and see how that goes…

  2. Zaiyol Karl

    March 4, 2017 at 11:03 PM

    With all due respect to the governor and his administration, this is another wrong-headed education policy. No government ever runs education system in a state or country by donations. Education is a critical responsibility of government that cannot depend on donations but on funds from regular tax revenue of the state. We know that Nigeria is in recession, but people are still paying taxes on both earned income and business transactions, so where is the tax revenue of the state going? If government cannot account to the people what happens to their tax money, then how mush less will the same government account for donated money? This may be another gigantic scheme to enrich those in government who may be charged with the responsibility of receiving the donated money.

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