Benue 2015: Why I want to run for Governor – Peter Chieshe

This coming election is all about you and your future. You have a legitimate right to demand from every aspirant the reason(s) why he wants to be your governor. Why is Peter Chieshe running for Governor? What is his reason and primary motivation for running?

First, in running for Governor, I am not looking for a government job but for an opportunity to serve; an opportunity to impact my generation. In the past, I had once voluntarily resigned my Civil Service job with the Federal Government in 1988 for a life in the Business world. Back then, I started the Building of my NEWLAND GROUP at the then Nicon Noga Hilton Hotel ( now TRANSCORP HILTON) Abuja ; and since then I have been an Employer of labour; a Provider of jobs- employing other graduates like myself.

Throughout History, specific moments come when specific people with specific traits, rise up to meet the demands and challenges of the times. In SouthAfrica, Racism and the obnoxious policy of Apartheid once held the Blacks in bondage in their own country! The people travailed and at one time Nelson Mandela and a few courageous people rose up, mobilized the people to fight this racism and Apartheid. Over time, victory was theirs. Nelson Mandela , the Madiba is my role model. He is dead but his spirit lives on.

At one time in the United States of America, Blacks and people of color suffered the dehumanizing policies of racial injustices, segregation, etc. the Late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. rose up against these injustices under the Civil Rights movement. Today America has as it’s 44the President, Barack Obama, an African American in his 2nd term in the White House as President. Dr. king is my role model. He had a Dream. He is dead and gone but his spirit lives on. The Dream lives on. Like Dr. King, Peter Chieshe has a vision and a Dream for his people and his State.

* In the days of racism and Apartheid, Nelson Mandela rose in S/ Africa

* In the days of the racial injustices of segregation and disempowerment when the Blacks and all people of color were discriminated against and locked out of the commonwealth of America, Dr. King rose to the Challenge under the Civil Rights Movement.

* In similar vein, under same spirit (of fighting for the common good of all) Peter Chieshe rises to meet the challenges of the times. Mass poverty and rising youth unemployment are the twin problems that hold back our people today. This “Goliath” must be brought down. We suffer a false poverty. False because it co exists amidst stupendous natural wealth. So I ask,:

” How can our people be so poor when we are endowed with so much natural wealth?”

I rise to meet this challenge; to do something about this come 2015 if you give me the opportunity. I have a visceral revulsion against all injustices that rob man of the good life God promised for all His children. I hate all forms of injustices, man’s perversity; in whatever form and in whatever place they exist. I hate oppression, I hate the wickedness of man, I stand for a just system that empowers the people; a system that benefits all people and opens up opportunities for all, irrespective of your tribe , religion or political persuasion.

I run to be a Governor to all. In Benue State , there can be no MINDA, JECHIRA or IDOMA GOVERNOR! Benue is one united State. So Benue needs a Benue State Governor. This I know. So, I run to be Governor of the entire people of Benue. I run to be a people’s governor; a friend on whose shoulder you can lean. I run to build a strong economy that empowers the people and enables them to maximize their potentials.

All this clamor for sectional power by rotation is to me a modified mask for programed nepotism and selective patronage along Tribal and Clannish linkages. How I wish we could progress faster into more ennobling and sugar – coated system of crass nepotism- something Nigeria should run away from and put in place a more enduring form of Patriotism that benefits all ; a just system of equal opportunity for all. This is what I stand for. That is in part why I run for Governor.

I run the race armed with a clear and unbeatable vision for our prosperity and that better life all of us look,forward to in Benue State, I run with a 7- point Vision for a 7- point Agenda.

Today in Benue State, we are at such a defining time that needs a specific kind of leadership to steer the Ship of the state out of murky waters. The demands are high, the stakes are high; it’s all about your life, your future and your destiny. It’s all about you: your future and the future of your children; and your children’s children. It matters a great deal who emerges as your Governor.

Mass poverty, rising youth unemployment. A weak and unproductive economy. An economy dependent on dwindling monthly allocations from the federation account. A poor people dependent on a government that is itself dependent on allocations from the centre presents an ultimate disaster! An endowed agricultural state that has abandoned it’s true wealth for a dependence on monthly ” Milk” from Abuja allocations!”

I run to answer the challenges of the twin problems of mass poverty and rising youth unemployment. I run to build a strong economy to reverse this ugly trend. I run to make life better and worth living. To give a future and a hope for a better life.

What is the job of government ? Simple: it’s the security and welfare of the people. Everything govt. does fits in here.

You’ve heard of the Asian economic miracle, you will hear of the Benue Miracle
You’ve heard of the Chinese economic miracle, you will hear of the Benue Miracle.
You’ve heard how a small Third world Country like Singapore, transformed to a First world Country! You will hear of Benue State when you vote Peter Chieshe into office as the Governor come 2015.

The Benue Miracle is essentially my vision and blueprint for prosperity; it’s about your future. It is a big, bold, fitting, audacious and compelling vision that is right for the people and right on time. It is doable; it’s is achievable and it is a matching vision.

I run because I have seen the affliction of the people, it touches and I have a deep burden over the sufferings of the ordinary people. I desire and pray that God should intervene in the affairs of my state.

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