Aper Aku’s Family Dissociates Self From Book Launch

Family of second republic governor of Benue State, late Aper Aku, yesterday dissociated itself from the launch of a post humous biography of their father scheduled for November 13 by Nathaniel Ikyur.

A statement by the late governor’s first son, Chief Akua Aper Aku, said: “The family is suspicious of the uncomplimentary attempt by the writer to hurriedly and haphazardly put such a book together to achieve selfish and emotional objectives at the expense of facts and realities of human development which the late Aper Aku stood for’.’

“Having gone through the soft copy, the family feel strongly dismayed about the lack of coherence, facts and misplaced realities in the work, regarding the life and times of Aper Aku. Agonisingly, is the fact that the writer did not consult the family to balance up the flagged areas about Aper Aku in the work’,’ he added.

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