A Memo to Benue PDP Delegates By Iorliam Shija

By Iorliam Shija

Iorliam Shija

Iorliam Shija

PDP: Power to the People. With my little understanding of the how your party primaries will be organised this year; I have been told there shall be 2 categories of delegates.

The first group of delegates goes by the name,”special ” delegates; these, I learn have been identified already. I don’t know strictly what qualifies one for this type of delegateship, but it is like, these are either party memebers who at a point were executive members of PDP and the likes.

Congratulations, special delegates..

The second category of delegates are those going to be elected, shortly; I learnt that 3 of such shall be elected per ward in the 23 councils of Benue State.

If what my highly valued source; who is familiar with all these told me is correct, towards end of October, about 1069 delegates shall be actualized to nominate the next gubernatorial flagbearer of your party. This number is supposed to be the sum total of special and elected delegates, the latter, shall come out of PDP ward congresses scheduled by your party to hold towards the end of next month.

Yes, special delegates are known, but since the elected ones might be known only on a later date, I chose to drop this memo, a bit open at this moment.

But I need to introduce myself, first. In 1999, I was one of those who didn’t only welcomed the new democracy, but I was one of those, who even without a PDP card, stood behind your candidate. His name was George Akume. When the result was announced, we were all happy…today everything is history.

But for the 2003, 2007 and 2011 gubernatorial elections. I vehemently opposed the candidates that your party presented. But somehow, they won.PDP, power to the people!

Maybe, because of my 2003, 2007 and 2011 credentials, I lack the moral justification to write you a memo? Listen, maybe this might interest you. In 2015, like I did in 1999, I have identified amongst those numerous aspirants seeking your support for the Benue top job; a man who can work Benue. His name is Samuel Ioraer Ortom Adorogo. He is the essence of this memo. I want to sell Ortom to you.

Me, some sort of opposition element, sell Ortom to PDP? That’s obviously ridiculous. Yes, it is. PDP knows Ortom. He has served her: he has staked his name for her. You don’t need me to tell you anything about him….

Delegates, my memo is an eye opener, then. My memo is a promise of the easiness at the general polls. It is an indication of how the general election will look if PDP fiield an Ortom.

I know many Benue people who are either in partisan opposition politics, independents, liberal minded, apolitical and the likes who are ready to vote for PDP if you nominate Ortom as your flagbearer. That is the essence of my memo; giving you a secret of the minds of most Benue people..

So my memo is also a plea, delegates, please, give us Ortom, and see how easy the polls will look for your party PDP. But the choice is still yours.


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