Listeners feedback makes me fulfiled – Philip Toryue, Producer of Radio Benue ICT World

By Sefa Tsegha

Philip Toryue, Producer of Radio Benue ICT World Program

Philip Toryue, Producer of Radio Benue ICT World Program

I had the privilege of interviewing the producer of Radio Benue ICT World program, Philip Toryue in Makurdi, the Benue State capital. I have frequent the show for some years now–as a guest but not as an anchor.

Now it is my turn to put him on the ‘hot seat’, figuratively speaking.

Why I said that is this: many listeners have described Mr Toryue’s questioning techniques as ‘scary’.  According to him, he asks a lot of questions so that his listeners could understand what the discussion is all about. He tries to read the minds of his listeners and ask the appropriate questions to get the right answers from his respected guests.

That been noted, by any chance, if a guest on the show is not well prepared, he seems to be on a ‘hot seat’ in a fully air conditioned studio.

Yet, that is what has made ICT World on Radio Benue FM95 very interesting. It is educative, informative, enlightening and a good place to keep abreast with the fastest growing fields in the world–ICT.

Below is an excerpt of the interview I had with Mr Philip Toryue. He is the first guest to feature on EPiTConsult’s 1-on-1 Interviews.

Enjoy the conversation:

Who is Philip Toryue?

Philip: Philip Toryue is a young man in his early forties who believes young people should find their God-given abilities early in life to help build a society that all will be happy in. That is why I grew up all along wanting to be a broadcaster and have ended up as one.

The impact of what I am doing can only be accessed by my listeners which are my most prized possession as far as broadcasting is concerned. Academic wise I have a diploma in Mass Communication, B.A English Language, MSc. Mass Communication and a PhD in view.

ICT World for the benefit of my readers is an Information and Communication Technology program, which is a magazine that deals with issues in the field of ICT. The ICT World  was introduced on the station in 2005 and I have since been the Presenter/Producer.

How many years have you put into broadcasting?

Philip: I have been into broadcasting for twelve (12) years now; I began on the 27th November, 2000.

For the benefit of those who do not know much about ICT World, which you produce on Radio Benue, can you please let our readers know what the show is all about?

Philip: I started my career as an announcer/presenter then moved to production after seven years. Today I produce two Grades ‘A’ programs on Radio Benue, a live phone-in program “On-The-Line” for 1.30minutes and “ICT World”.
ICT World for the benefit of my readers is an Information and Communication Technology program, which is a magazine that deals with issues in the field of ICT. The ICT World was introduced on the station in 2005 and I have since been the Presenter/Producer of it.

For how long have you been producing this show?

Philip: I have produced this program for the past eight years.

How can you describe the general reception of ICT World by its listeners?

Philip: The general reception by listeners has been very encouraging. The program began as a 15 minutes program but was, due to popular demand from listeners, extended to 30 minutes. Our SMS inbox is always filled with commendations from listeners, in whose opinion, ICT World affords them unlimited information and education on issues related to Information and Communication Technology.

A show that airs every week on FM95… that tells me that there is a lot of work and preparations put in place to meet deadlines. What has been your experience?

Philip: ICT World like I mention is a magazine program which means it has more than one segment of related ideas in each edition. It has music, discussions, ICT newsflash on latest inventions in Technology and the ICT news bits, which focuses on ICT news in the country Nigeria and around the globe.
Like you mentioned , there is a lot of work,  from booking the guests, browsing the internet and purchasing of newspapers all on my own to make sure a production takes place. There have been a lot of challenges all these years. However, the feedback keeps me moving on.

What are your criteria for selecting guests on the show, and how do you find them?

Philip: Selection of guests is on a number of criteria which includes:

Knowledge of ICT, knowledge of that particular subject, ability to express his/her self on radio, and the willingness to take part for free. My guest ranges from the private, public sectors and the academic.

People have described ICT World as educative and inspiring for young entrepreneurs. Do you think it is achieving its aims and goals?

Philip: The decision or judgment of whether “ICT World” is achieving its mandate can only be from my listeners’ feedback and so far, it has shown that we are not doing badly at all. If it was in percentages, I would score the programme 90%. The ten percent is due to the logistics hiccups associated with meeting our mandate.

Can you please, tell me what has been your challenges on the job, if there is any?

Philip: My challenge as a producer of “ICT World” is absence of production gadgets such as good laptops, recording machine that can aid our location recording, whose absence has forced us to do that only in the studio; and the lack of access to the internet.

What has been your most frustrating experience on this job?

Philip: My most frustrating experience on the job have been that many a times I have had to queue up for recording with my guests waiting for our turn, and at times when after recording, we are compelled  to repeat an old edition due to inadequate editing suits.

So now, what has been your most exciting experience on this job?

Philip: My most exciting experience is when I receive accolades from listener who make me fulfilled that my little contribution to society is impacting positively on people.
An elder state man in Benue once accosted the station’s management at an event and narrated how a fracture he suffered had kept him at home for months, forced him to make the radio his companion, and that the level of information and education he got overwhelmed him. He further would categorize the programs in order of priority, for him  “ICT World”  is the Number one program in information and education on the station.

How is the future of ICT World going look like under you in 2014?

Philip: The future of “ICT World” in 2014 cannot be less than a bright one, that as premised on the listener’s contributions and those who are desirous of  this program and its effect on the society.

Any advice for the Producers of similar ICT shows on other stations?

Philip: For the producers of similar ICT program shows, please keep doing your thing. Continue to strive to satisfy your listeners/readers.

Final words?

Philip: Thank you for the opportunity to feature on your blog and all my fans.

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