​First Class Chiefs Emerge In Tivland

The Tiv Traditional Council yesterday concluded the appointment of first class chiefs in the Tiv speaking areas of Benue State.

This is in compliance with the newly amended Chieftaincy laws in the state which permits the appointment of first class chiefs across the three senatorial zones of the state.

Consequently, Chief Ambrose Iyortyer emerged as Tor Kwande, Chief Abu King Shuluwa as Tor Sankera, Chief Julius Aondona Adaga as Tor Gwer, Chief Moses Anagende as Tor Lobi, Chief C. K. Uganden as Tor Jechira and Chief Afatyo Ajoko as Tor Jemgbah.

The stage is now set for the selection of a new paramount ruler for the Tiv nation, Tor Tiv V which, according to the king makers, is to come from the Shitile/Ukum/Tongov axis of the Ipusu ruling house of the Tiv.

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